Monday, August 25, 2008

Essence of Beauty brushes

I went to Cvs couple days ago and bought a box of brush sets, they are call Essence of Beauty, and boy are they good brushes for a really cheap price! i bought a lot of brushes from them and they are so far pretty good! I bought a set of 4 brushes for the price of $10. The brushes are the powder brush, angle blush brush, an all over eyeshadow brush and a eyeliner brush. The brush material are very soft, and it doesnt shed. I think it is sucha great deal to purchase for those who just starting out with makeup. I do own some Mac brushes and they are really good too, but i only buy one in a couple months cuz they are really expensive. And i think that the brush price for Mac went up! I donno if you guys think so because i notice it....or it just me who hasnt shop at Mac for 2 months and might forget about the price...hehe. Aneeewaysssss, who ever live in an area where they have CVS, i recommend you guys go check out the Essence of Beauty brushes!

it also came with a brush bag



HAHAHHAAH...I got the same set the other day!!! But I hate it!! It sheds so much. This is my first time buying EOB brushes and I don't think I'll ever buy from them again!!! I only like the eyeshadow brush :(


Are you serious? Maybe I should bring mine back. Do you think they'll let me exchange?


i LOVE essence of beauty brushes! my fav is the foundation one.


i use these brushes too! and i like them! i would love to have mac brushes but i think as long as you have a good make up and a good hand then the only thing you need to worry about with brushes is the endurance.

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