Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sebum makeup remover review

Hey girls, sorry its been so long since i post anything, its just some difficulties on my blog layout and seems like nothing is updated eventhough I do write new post. But somehow it doesn't get update on other bloggers site when they added me on their bloglist. So I kind of got discourage to write now! =[

Anyways, this month is pretty busy cuz I got 2 midterms and so many homework that I dont even have time to blog. However, I am on my spring break now and taking my time to chill. =]
I went to Marukai supermarket in Costa Mesa couple days ago and got this Sebum makeup remover that I heard many good reviews about. It was on SALE for only $9.80 they sell if for $13.00 not including shipping!

So I got really excited and got 2 of them. They had 3 different type of removers but couldn't understand Japanese so I got the one the many people do reviews on.

It does feel like water, theres no oil residue. Removes my makeup well!!! I think I am gonna start to fall in love with it! =]

This is my results...( I had a photoshoot that day and wanted to try it out how well it removes my makeup) You be the judge!!!

Rating: 4.5/5

Me without makeup~! Yea please dont laugh~! ;]



how cute u are! :)

thanks so much for visiting my page!!



wow on the new layout!!! :) Gosh, I can't seem to see your updates too! :) I'll try to put you up again on my blog list , it doesn't refresh :) How have you been?


Oooh you are so gorgeous!! I just stumbled across your blog and had to say hi! I am loving reading your posts! Hope your enjoying your well-earned spring break : )


It looks awesome! I really want to try this mu remover too! I'll have to get it via online since I don't live close to a Marukai supermarket. :)


i used to live in costa mesa- i went to OCC.

i miss it :(

i need to find a store like that down here in san diego!! i wants me some mandom!


Awww, I heard such great reviews on that! That will be my next purchase since my clinique does only 80% of the job of removing my makeup.

Love your natural face! You're so pretty. ♥

" KT "

awww hooray you got some!!!
and great review and great price!!!!


you are so gorgeous without makeup! I've been wanting to try those oil makeup removers so bad!


Hey your blog is awesome and you look so pretty!! Can you please tell us about your contact lenses? I love the ones you have on here, and I've seen them in your other posts too. What colour and brand are they??


Thanks all the ladies for your wonderful comments! I been loving this sebum makeup remover so far! I recommend to all of you to try it. If you arent living in the costa mesa area, i believe you can get them online at

cinsitividy: Thank you for ur comment, i got my contact lense at an asian forum call "" they sell many korean or japanese circle lenses. They are call GEO lenses, the color is gray. IF you have further questions, just email me.=]


you look pretty with or without makeup. The contact lenses look really good on you. It makes you look so innocent!!! heeheh

btw, i re-added you again on my blog list but it still doesn't refresh. Don't know y hmmm.


hey girlie, check out my blog. you've been tagged!!!



I got a new blog; the last one got deleted by accident .
Hope to see you follow me soon.



without make up you look like a beluga. lol


I think u look better without make up

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